Spectra Creations is proud to offer a wide variety of web presence services.  If your questions aren't answered here, please call or email us for further information.

Included with all Spectra Creations Web Hosting Packages

Domain Name
A domain name is a unique internet address like www.yourname.com. Each hosting package we offer comes with a single domain name of your choosing. 

Static IP Address
An IP Address is a unique number ( assigned to your web domain. You can use the IP Address to FTP files, publish webs with Frontpage, ping your site and upload your web site before you transfer Web Hosting providers to eliminate downtime. 

WebMail allows you to check your email from anywhere in the world through a web browser. Simply log into the WebMail client with your favorite web browser to check, delete, compose and send emails. All email accounts you set up through your web site have this feature enabled. You can even send attachments.

Web Shell
Allows you view, modify, delete, create, move and change attributes in your web. A built in feature also allows you to upload files to your web from your personal computer.

FTP Access
File Transfer Protocol is used to upload files to your web and manage files in your web. An FTP client must be installed on your personal computer to use this feature. All Windows based computers come with a built in client. We suggest downloading a graphical version from a site like www.download.com

Password Protected Pages
Allows user to secure individual pages and folders in your web with a password. If FrontPage Extensions are enabled, this feature is disabled because FrontPage implements it's own security.

FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Microsoft FrontPage is a tool used to create and manage a web site. Special software developed by Microsoft must be implemented on the server side to allow for full use of the software. 

Anonymous FTP
Allows visitors to upload and download files to or from your web in a restricted environment without a login and password. Visitors only have access to the anonymous FTP portion of your web, not the entire web.

Mailing List
A Mailing list is a group containing many email addresses. This feature allows you to send an single email to many addresses.

PHP 4.0
PHP is a flexible web based programming language. 

Control Panel
The control panel is accessed through your web browser giving you total control of your web. With it you can create email account, perform backups, check site statistics and much more. Download the control panel manual.

HSphere Manual

Search Engine Submission
A web based solution allowing you to submit your site to many popular search engines, directly from the control panel.

Site Statistics
A web based view of your site statistics. This feature covers a wide variety of site statistics; from pages hits per day or month to where your visitors are coming from. A great tool to measure your web sites traffic.

A simple to use web site creation tool. No programming language knowledge is needed to use this user friendly tool. 

Page Access Counters
Keep track of how many times your pages are visited with built in hit counters you can install on one or all of your pages. 

Common Gateway Interface. CGI is a powerful tool built into our servers that allows the integration of software programs into your web site. CGI can be used for developing databases, creating guest books and more. The possibilities are endless. Listed below are some of CGI resource sites.




Perl, C, SH, Java, Python
We support the most popular programming languages in today's web market. You can use any of these languages or a combination of them to build a feature rich web site. Some online resources for these languages are listed below.






99.9% Server Uptime
Our servers are built on a solid Linux Architecture on a platform of high performance server hardware. 

Email Addresses
Each Spectra Creations package comes with POP3 email addresses dedicated to your web's domain. All email accounts include autoresponders, email forwarding, and are totally configurable. 

Disk Space (MB)
The amount of data or information you can store in your domain or on your web site. Each hosting package comes with enough disk space to host a large web site. For a small fee, you can purchase more disk space for your domain. 

Data Transfer
This is the amount of data that can be transferred to or from your site per month. Each time someone visits your site, files are copied from our servers to their computer and displayed in a web browser. This movement of data is considered data transfer. 

Included with our Professional and E-Commerce Packages

MySQL is an open source database management system. MySQL is a fast and flexible way to introduce a database into your web site. 


Included with our E-Commerce Package

Secure Server
Secure server support provides a secure connection between your web site and a web browser. This feature allows secure transactions between you and your clients over the internet. 

osCommerce - Shopping Cart Program
A powerful online shopping cart system. It's features include simple browser administration, tax support, zone shipping, multiple product categories, online inventory and much more. 



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